Road to Berkus Life #1

I don’t know when the obsession with homeware started but probably around the time I discovered Pinterest. Suddenly, a whole world of beautiful interior and swoon worthy design images were easily accessible and my obsession began. I quickly realized I wanted to make changes to my living spaces. However, money doesn’t grow on trees and I have yet to strike oil. So, I had to work with what I had and make minor tweaks to improve my space. It’s been a slow evolution, and things are not complete but we’ll start at the beginning.

When I started making changes I didn’t know that I would ultimately want to share the process in a blog so admittedly the pictures are not great. But I’m compelled to share and if you find yourself here I’m confident you’ll see the vision, even minus all the lovely photos really great “before and after” stories usually have.

Things we should first note is that I live in a New York City rental so this is not my forever home by any means.  Also, NYC is not known for big spacious affordable apartments despite what Friends and Sex in the City would have us believe. So we are not making MAJOR changes here. We’re making pretty what can super easily be put back. I say all that to say, I haven’t painted any of the rooms. I knooooo, paint is cheap and can make a big impact but girl, I don’t want to go through taping and moving furniture and rolling rolling rolling rolling, just to move out 6 months later. Here’s what I started with.

My first stop when I wanted to change the living/dining room was to find inspiration. The walls in my apartment are yellow, (Why not white landlord? Yellow? Like who’s decor goes with yellow?) and I have a brown couch. When I got the couch I was in love with a blue/brown color scheme, couches are pricey so I haven’t purchased a new one. (I do a post of couch dreams later.) Working with those 2 big and unchanging factors I took to Pinterest and searched for …….. you guessed it “yellow walls and brown couch.” The image I fell in deep like with is the one at the top of this post. It’s a living room done by everyone’s favorite Target designer, the blessed by Oprah wonder, Nate Berkus. The room is actually in Berkus’s NYC apartment, and it goes without saying that his home is waaaaayyy nicer than mine. Check out more photos from his apartment here.

I love the masculinity, the mix of textures, and the mild vintage vibe this room has. Like in real life where do I find the logs in the left corner?! This was just a general guide, a color story and lesson in texture. My actual space doesn’t really look like this. I have a more mid century aesthetic, and I wanted my space to feel a little more feminine. Also, I don’t have Nate Berkus coin so, I had to figure it out on a serious budget. I’m excited to show you the process over the coming posts. #RoadToBerkusLife

nate-berkus-interior-design-lounge-manhattan-townhousePhoto Source

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