Issa Photo Shoot

By trade I’m a stylist and I love the freedom of creating  my own images. It’s the second biggest draw for me to Sticki Icki. Finding cool stuff to present to my customers is what makes me most happy, but that is quickly followed by styling up those pieces.


What’s great about selling things from all over the world from many different artisans is that each maker has their own point of view. The amount of inspiration is amazing! It’s fun to see how they see their products as I begin to create a vision of my own.


I also find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest (follow me here) that I pin to one of many boards. Side note: I talked about my love for pinning in this post on how I used it to decorate my living room. I REALLY love Pinterest, can you tell? LOL!


These images are a couple behind the scenes moments from a recent photo shoot. The photographer, Todd Barndollar (great name right?!) is super cool to work with, he comes highly recommended. Having good people on a shoot is super important. You want people to help make your vision a reality! I had a great team this day.


Some of the images from the shoot you’ve seen, they came out really great! This one though I decided is the real star, and it was the first shot of the day! When it’s magic, it’s magic!




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