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Get your swag and style up with an exclusive piece from ‘Sticki Icki’

By chalise macklin – November 28, 2017

Each month some 500,000 adults start new businesses.

But it’s hard for any new start-up to survive.

Celia Williamson didn’t allow the statistical risks to deter her. Williamson turned her entrepreneurial spirit and aspirations into a thriving home decor and jewelry business.

Sticki Icki‘ offers eclectic, one-of-a kind pieces that will give your home or office a signature flair.

“We are a peacock people,” Williamson told theGrio.com. “We are flashy, with rings on every finger. We wear door knocker earrings. I’m trying to showcase that as well as sophistication. I’m trying to show that in the imagery.”

Customers can find unique colors, patterns and hand crafted pieces in the Harlem, New York-based business. Williamson hand picks every piece. She purchases exclusive pieces from places such as Africa, Greece, and London on purpose.

She wants her clientele to know she advocates for a truly ‘global’ community.

“We should understand that supporting us helps all of us,” Williamson says. “It makes a bank want to give a loan to the next Black business. We are culture we have to harness that power that we are giving away. The stuff that I buy stimulates a global economy. Most of the vendors I buy from are women.”

Chalise Macklin is a freelance writer and producer for theGrio.

Read the entire article here.


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