Small Space Solutions. Couch Edition

Where has the time gone?! I started with telling you guys about my Road to Berkus life and then disappeared. Sorry. Life took over and I moved! I went from a shared 2-bedroom apartment to on my own in a studio. It was a big change but it’s also been an exciting one!

Transitioning to a smaller space can be tough. I had to get rid of a ton of stuff, which was REALLY hard, plus figuring out how to store the things I had left was a real challenge. But with the challenge came the fun! I’ve read a ton of articles on small space storage solutions but until now they didn’t really pertain to me. I became, and really continue to be a student on how to live is a small space.

One of the larger challenges I faced was seating. I’m not the type person who throws a ton of gatherings but when guests do come by or on a lazy Sunday I wanted to be able to lounge on a couch. I had limited space and a limited budget. I’m a cat owner so I had some fabric requirements, and of course I wanted it to be cute! I looked at SO MANY couches. And since I know I’m not alone, in small space living or couch hunting I thought I would round up my top 5 small space couch options.


The Sven 72″ sofa from Article is one of my favorites. It comes in a variety of fabrics and colors and also in a larger size. Article is an online only retailer but they have tons of great reviews all over the internet.



Image source and shop


I discovered Interior Define via Instagram because somehow your phone always knows what you’re looking for. I love several of the couches here but the 71″ apartment sized Rose really spoke to my inner girly girl. The curved lines are so pretty! What’s great about Interior Define is that you can really get pretty customized in color and size and fabric without getting too crazy on price.



Image source and shop

IKEA is the King (Queen?) of small space solutions. Their room inspiration sections and annual catalog area full of great ideas. They have also recently really turned up the design factor. Anyone moving into a new living space should always check to see what IKEA has to offer. The 73″ SÖDERHAMN has a very modern look that I was pretty drawn to, I’m also a big fan of this turquoise color. Sadly it only comes in woven fabrics and I think my sweet Mellie the kitty would have gone to town on it with her claws. fullsizeoutput_5913

Image source and shop


I am a BIG fan of West Elm. I have a couple lamps and a few smaller decor pieces from there (hmmm, maybe I’ll do a roundup) so I naturally took a look at what couch options they had. After drooling over 80″ and 90″ couches I couldn’t have I did find a couple that really spoke to me. The Hamilton 70″ leather sofa was WHAT I WANTED! But with a price tag over $2,000 it was just too far out of my budget. It’s very mid-century and slightly masculine and I particularly love this dark chocolate color.


Image source and shop


Finally the couch I choose. The Leon 68″ sofa from West Elm ticked so many boxes for me.


Image Source and shop
$999 – $1,299

I would have loved leather but as I stated above, they were just too pricey for my budget. My backup fabric of choice was velvet and the Leon comes in a couple different velvet options. I went with the navy because I like color and I thought it would sit nicely with my green IKEA bookshelf turned entertainment stand and the crisp white walls of my apartment. The smaller size also meant it would have a smaller footprint and the mid-century design is right up my alley.

Sadly I don’t have any good quality photos of this couch in this apartment. It was always on the To Do list but never got done. Since I first drafted this blog post I’ve moved again! This was my first “adult” space in that I was living alone for the first in the city I had always dreamed of moving to, and had a little money to make it look the way I wanted it to look. I will always look back fondly on it and I really did love this little couch.

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