Lock Me UP!

The way I need some vintage lockers in my space!!! I love a cozy/boho/glam space as much as the next girl but I also love a serious metal moment. The patina, the storage, what’s not to love?


This greeeeeen! Ugh. This space is reading very masculine but imagine some cool planters on top of the lockers and a fun bright yellow tassel hanging from one of the knobs!


This set is accented nicely.



The blue lockers above add some fun storage to this kids room.


This space is very girly and glam and even here the lockers work! It is amazing what a can of paint can do!



Record storage? Can you get more millennial?! This set looks a little newer and I’m cool with that. Vintage is good for the environment, and can be cheaper but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. In that spirit I thought it only fair I give you some sources for new lockers, because I know you’re now really excited to add some to your home.

These are by sister owned company Mustard Made.

Also everyones favorite budget retailer Ikea comes through in a major way with the IVAR cabinets.

So there you have it! Not just for school hallways, lockers are a perfect way to add storage and interest to just about any space! Give it a shot and share images with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #StickiStyle.

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